Nearshore outsourcing is the practice of engaging others to perform work or services by people in neighbouring countries rather than in your own country. Geographic proximity means that travel and communications are easier and less expensive, and there are likely to be at least some commonalities between the cultures. People are also more likely to speak the same language.



Providing solutions

Nearshore Solutions exists to provide Australian clients across the financial services industry business support services at a fraction of the cost of using Australian employees .
Supporting Service Quality is achieved by ensuring the Australian business retains full control and direction of the staff, as if they were operating in their own Australian office
Nearshores team has a track record of establishing compliant , scalable offshore footprints with low staff turnover coupled with consistent quality and productivity.

Outsourcing Solutions

Offshore Planning

In addition to this, should you wish for a more detailed review of your operations, focussed into lead generation, business analysis, staffing and workflow needs, Nearshore can provide in house consultancy services on either an ongoing basis or a one off adhoc review to assist you in your offshoring planning.

BPO Culture Connection

Nearshore provides a FREE advisory service to connect you with partners in the Philippines that suit and specialise for your business type. We will help you understand the key considerations and get you talking with the BPO that best matches your needs. This service is provided at no cost to you.


Outsourcing Benefits

Outsourcing is a powerful business tool used by millions of companies all over the world. Here’s a closer look at the advantages of outsourcing:


        Direct savings are made by the cost difference in salaries, benefits, and operational expenses between most Western countries and offshore destinations like the Philippines. Indirect cost savings are often derived from the client’s ability to refocus on its core business and outsource secondary processes to a specialised external provider.


        Outsourcing provides access to knowledge pools that you might not have inside your own company. In the old economy, big companies had their own departments for every business requirement. In the network economy, companies go back to their core business and use a network of external partners to take care of the rest.


        Outsourcing provides a channel through which business can find readily available high-level expertise at affordable rates.


        Outsourcing enables your company to manage its capacity and staff. The task of hiring and managing personnel is passed on to an external provider with whom you can customise reporting and management standards based on your individual business needs.


        By using external providers, you can cover time zones that are not covered by your domestic operation. Offshoring destinations like the Philippines have a workforce that is willing to work during non-regular office hours. Setting up a 24/7/365 operation is generally easier offshore.



Outsourcing can provide considerable benefits to your company. Like any big change though, one needs to consider the potential downside. Some areas to consider in order to make a good assessment include:

      • REPORTS

        Nearshore sets agreed KPI’s and a reporting process to ensure delivery. Every minute of your teams time is accounted for through ‘task management’ software and reporting. Video and local call connectivity are standard practice with our partners, as is Western management team structures.


        The Nearshore methodology delivers the BPO as an extension of the Australian business, and the symmetry of process, operation, training culture and performance ( KPI’s ) ensures that the clients business value is promoted and advanced through this global delivery platform.


The major risk of outsourcing is that you may not be building the value of your company in terms of personnel, in-house knowledge, and infrastructure. In this case, the value of an outsourcing agreement with a provider will be less effective than an internal department.


        The Nearshore methodology delivers the BPO as an extension of the Australian business, and the symmetry of process, operation, training culture and performance (KPI’s) ensures that the clients business value is promoted and advanced through this global delivery platform.


Outsourcing exposes a certain part of your business to a third party. Unless you completely shield your offshore operation, you might expose your company to a breach of confidentiality, malicious use of system access, and other vulnerabilities in your organization.

      • SECURITY

        Nearshore support centres are selected to deliver a secure IT footprint. Data is held in Australia on your approved cloud based servers , HR plus IT security capabilities (including biometrics for staff access) 24/7 security and staff monitoring – all ensure the highest degree of systems integrity and security is maintained.


Effectively managing the operation of a department within your own company is challenging enough. Effectively controlling an offshore operation is difficult due to the geographical distance, time zone difference, and a risk regarding adequate communication.


        Nearshore facilitates a structured “onboarding” program – in short, we have seen it all before and know what works, and what does not work. Nearshore Solutions seeks to help you assess what it is that makes your business a success and partner you with a provider who can deliver.


vs  South African vs India vs Others

  • The Philippines has the world’s largest English-speaking population after the United States and India with a 94% literacy rate. English is the primary language for business and education.
  • Low Costs – The Philippines is a very low-cost country compared to the other Southeast Asian Countries.
  • Highly Skilled and Available Workforce – Last years’ Class of 2014 [University] numbered 553,000 graduates
  • Cultural compatibility to Western countries, owing to the shared history with America, accompanied with strong work-ethic.
  • Tech-savvy and sociable, Filipinos use social media platforms on average some 53 hours per week. That’s a whole 11 hours more that the global average of 42 hours.
  • Time Difference is not really an issue as there is only a 2 hour difference between the East Coast of Australia and Manila.
  • Government Support – The industry has become one of the main revenue generators of the country, which is why the government fully supports the BPO industry. Over 3 million people are employed in the BPO industry in the Philippines.




      Our services are provided FREE OF CHARGE. Nearshore may be paid an introduction fee by a BPO partner only when and if you choose to select them as your provider. Our initial calls and introductions to you are provided at no charge whatsoever. As part of our additional services, Nearshore is able to provide further costed consulting services to help you review your business and provide assessment for outsourcing suitability and strategy of implementation.

      We aim to dispel the myths commonly associated with offshoring and show you how easy it really can be! Significant cost savings are just the beginning. Improved service standards, clear accountability, daily records of performance and direct video and local call access to your team are just some of the reasons our clients choose to offshore through Nearshore. We bring the world to you!

Do I need lots of staff to make it worthwhile?

A common myth in outsourcing is that unless you have a 30 plus staffing requirement, it doesn’t work. The beauty of outsourcing today is all you need is one.

Nearshore has provided services to a range of clients, across a range of industries. Often, these clients are small broker clients who simply need one or two people to help assist with their administrative and data input needs. Others, just want a part-time secretarial service. Others again, run multiple customer service teams. Outsourcing today is not about limitations, but rather is designed to meet the needs of those larger and small!




      Compliance has never been so top of mind in the financial services industry. Nearshore and its clients all know that operating in a compliant environment and working with partners who understand its relevance is just the starting point to any discussion.This is where Nearshore and its partners specialise. The educated workforce and training culture in Nearshore means we only partner with proven operators who focus on the NCCP and the requirements of compliance under ASIC and APRA. Nearshore Solutions partners only with those offshore providers who maintain their own internal compliance regimes, engage compliance management internally and are accredited Australian Credit Representative for Australian licensees. Provision of staff with Cert IV qualifications is just the beginning…

Compliance is an important consideration in any business in Australia. When considering offshoring, compliance adherence should be the number one consideration. From data security and integrity, to personnel management, to the regulated environment, having the elements covered is must, not a nice to have…

All Nearshore partnered BPO’s must meet client regulatory requirements:

  • * Authorised Credit Representative ( ACR ) status for Australian credit license holders is mandated where required, as is a rigorous in-house compliance training program provided by Australian based Registered Training Organisations
  • Internal Compliance Processes under ACL – RG 205 s47(1)(a) &(d)
  • Compliance Monitoring Plan
  • Audit and Testing – Call recording and training
  • Complaints register and engagement of compliance management

Nearshore Solutions and its partners focus on meeting ASIC and APRA regulated requirements across various financial services industry. We understand that there can be no compromise when dealing with Australian consumers, regardless of staff location.


  • Team Recruitment – 30 days . Whereas some BPO’s tend to just insert existing staff into a clients operations, Nearshore partners with those that purpose recruit based on a brief. Having the right skill sets for the roles you need filled are a priority for us.
  • IT Set Up – 30 days. Many clients choose to bring their own systems and simply host on the BPOs hardware. While this is common, Nearshore can introduce you to a range of technology partners who can custom design and build your perfect platform
  • Training – As our partner teams are well versed in common staffing requirements for customer service, loans management, data entry, secretarial etc, this process is quick and efficient.

    METRICS– We partner with BPOs who can deliver reports daily, weekly and in real time detailing real productivity for all of your offshore staff.
    MANAGEMENT REPORTING – In addition to cost management, HR reporting is a breeze and in most cases will provide significantly more detail and analysis than that of your own company in Australia



Example: Australian employee’s wage is $50,000 per annum.  A comparison Staff member with a similar skill  set employed in the Philippines  would be $12,352 per annum .  After all employee entitlements have been added, the Annual Cost  for the Australian employee can be $71,196 compared to just $23,037 for the outsourced staff member.

The infrastructure cost (hosting the staff in an office in Australia)  has not been included in the overall Australian costing  but is included in the Philippine costing, in reality saving even more.


$50 000


  • Superannuation
  • Payments
  • Annual leave
  • Sick leave
  • Insurances
  • Public holidays


$12 352


  • SSS
  • Health card
  • Annual leave
  • Sick leave
  • Public holidays
  • Desk and chair
  • Computer
  • Electricity
  • All extras



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